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Voter Page
Review Individual Delegates and Token Holders
The voter page shows details about an individual address's governance participation and token holdings. You can return to the front page by clicking the Tally "T" logo in the top left corner.
Known addresses have identifying information displayed in the upper left corner.
If an address participates or holds tokens in multiple supported protocols, you can switch between the relevant governance systems with the buttons at the top of the page. Buttons for any governance system where the address does not participate are disabled.
The top of the voter page displays key details about that address's participation in the selected governance system.
  • Total votes: total number of votes delegated to this address
  • Total tokens: total number of governance tokens held in this address
  • Voting power: percent of fully diluted voting power delegated to this address
  • Delegating to: the address this voter is set to delegate their owned tokens to
The pie chart shows the distribution of this address's voting power, separated by delegator address.
You can delegate your voting power to this address by clicking the "delegate votes" button and following the steps here.
The chart below the top line of indicators shows address voting power over time. The table on the right shows a list of top delegator addresses, ranked by voting power contributed.
Select a delegator address from the list to view additional details.
Below the voting power chart, you can review a history of vote participation. Click the arrows in the lower right to view older proposals.
Any proposals created by the address are shown in the section at the bottom of the voter page.
Each item in the "recent votes" and "created proposals" sections is a clickable link, directing you to the relevant proposal page.
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